How to Unformat Canon Camera Memory Card?

A canon digital camera is widely used to capture the pictures without the film. To save the captured images, the memory card is used in the camera. You can store photos and videos on memory card that you have taken by the camera. But sometimes you may lose the precious pictures from your Canon digital camera because of accidental formatting. Unintentionally you may press the format button while viewing the photos on your camera. Due to such mistakes, you may end up with the loss of your family photos, marriage pictures, etc. If you don’t want to lose these pictures, then you can unformat canon memory card by using third party software.

It is also required to format the memory card when the device performance is low and if the card is used regularly. One more reason to format the memory card is when the error message is getting or the card is corrupted. If your card is showing the error message “memory card is not formatted”, then it indicates the card is corrupted. Then you need to format the card but you cannot find the all pictures and other data stored on it. After formatting a card, a new file system and the directories will be created and hence all the files stored previously will get deleted. Only the file entries will be deleted and the space is simply marked as free. Therefore, you can get back files after formatting the card, before that space is used for fresh data.

Another common reason for losing media files from the Canon memory card is accidental deletion. Usually the files are deleted when there is no space for storing new photos. The particular file can be deleted with the normal deletion method. But the people use “Delete All” button accidentally and they will lose all important files from the memory card. No matter whether the files are lost due to accidental deletion or formatting of memory card, you can recover the files. The procedure to get back picture after deleting them from the Canon camera is very simple.

It supports to recover files from all types of memory cards, which are compatible with the Canon camera. It includes CF card, SDHC, SDXC and SD UHS-1 memory cards. It is compatible with the FAT32 file system, which is used in SDHC cards of Canon cameras. You can check here how to recover deleted images from SDHC card of Canon DSLR camera. It also works conveniently with ExFAT file system that is used in SDXC memory cards.

Apart from the Canon camera memory card, it also supports file recovery from other brands of digital cameras. You can recover RAW images from Kodak, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Olympus, etc. You can also get back deleted pictures on computer by executing this software. This software can easily identify and restore popular media files like JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, etc. To recover files from the memory card, it will get the help of an inbuilt scanning algorithm. It will scan the complete memory card within a few minutes, to find the deleted files. You can also check the working features of this software by downloading the free demo version.

Steps to recover formatted memory card from Canon Digital Camera

Step1: First remove the memory card from the Canon Camera and connect it to the computer. Then run the recovery software on your computer and click on “Recover Photos” option from the main screen as shown in Fig A.

Unformat Canon Memory Card - Main Window

Fig A: Main Screen

Step2: Now select your memory card and then click on the next arrow button as shown in Fig B.

Unformat Canon Memory Card - Memory Card Selection Window

Fig B: Choose Memory Card

Step3: Finally you will get the list of recovered files. You can view all media files based on their unique signatures by clicking on the “File Type View” tab as shown in Fig C.

Unformat Canon Memory Card - File Type View

Fig C: File Type View

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