How to restore pictures from Nikon camera SD memory card?

The first ingredient in digital photography is digital cameras. Nikon digital camera is usually preferred to use as it provides more robustness. Nikon digital cameras are available in different series so that you can choose Nikon digital cameras based on your desires. It has become a reliable companion that can be carried out anywhere. Once the image sensor of your Nikon digital camera has captured your pictures, it needs a storage device to hold those pleasant memories i.e. memory cards. Among all different types of memory cards, SD cards are commonly used in Nikon DSLR’s. Unlike film, these memory cards can be used again and again. These are solid state cards, meaning there are no moving parts. Also, as the name indicates, it has a protective switch which makes them very reliable because there is less to go wrong!!! Even though it has lots of useful features, sometimes you will come across issues related to your SD card resulting in loss of photos.

Alternatively, deletion of photos may also take place from different brands of camera like Panasonic Lumix, Nikon, etc. But there exists the solution for each deletion of files like you can recover deleted photos from Panasonic Lumix just by using the Recovery Software.   

You just turned from your long trip with family and the very next morning you will insert your SD card into the card reader and hooked it up to your PC. But, you fail to open the SD card. You removed it from your PC and tried to connect it to your friend’s PC to view the memorable photos. However, you are not able to open the SD card on your friend’s PC too!!!  So, you will put back that SD card into your Nikon DSLR to directly connect the camera to the PC. As you connect the Nikon digital camera to your PC using USB cable, your system displayed “Card not formatted – Format Card?” What now??? It will be terrible to lose all memorable photos of wonderful trip!!! All the photos of your trip are gone forever??? The simple answer is NO and the main reason for the occurrence of such an error is your SD card is corrupted. The common reasons for SD card corruption are as follows

  • You might have used the SD card without formatting it in the camera that you are using to capture it.
  • You might have removed the card from the camera while it was writing the images to the card

In the first case, you should always format the card before using it in your digital camera to capture the pictures especially if you have used the same SD card in a different camera. This is because, different cameras have different configuration settings and different file structure support. If you have not formatted and took the  new pictures then they don’t get stored on your card as the file system has not been assigned to store pictures. Refer to easily restore erased pictures from SDHC card of canon DSLR and also support different types of SD cards like MiniSD, MicroSD, SDXC etc.

In the second case, if you accidentally or intentionally remove the card when your camera is still processing images, you lose all photos existing in the buffer. Additionally, file structure of your SD card may get corrupted resulting in loss of photos. If you want to undelete photos from a camera card on Mac then you can use the Mac version of Memory card recovery software.

Don’t Worry!!! Memory card recovery software is one of the best software that can recover all your photos from a corrupted SD card of your Nikon camera in less span of time. It not only supports photo recovery from a Nikon camera, it can also recover data from Lexar, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony etc. Visit here to recover files from Lexar drive. This software can recover JPEG image files along with the RAW image file i.e. NEF from the Nikon camera. It can also restore accidentally erased pictures from different type of SD cards. If you have accidentally deleted some pictures from the SDHC card on Canon camera then you can use this software. It gives a real time preview of your restored pictures once the drive is scanned well. Read more to know how to recover formatted memory card of Canon digital camera.

Photographers prefer Nikon camera because of its outstanding features, if any Nikon camera user faces picture loss problem anytime, then go for software to retrieve digital camera photos, in order to recover his photos. As photos may lost due to various reasons like power surge, improper removal & system failure, there are still chances of recovering those images back with utmost ease. The perfect solution to find lost images after loss scenarios is to use this Memory Card Recovery Software

Easy step to Recover Photos from Nikon Camera SD memory card

Step 1: Download and launch Memory Card Recovery Software. After launching the tool, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen and then select “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen.

Recover Photos from Nikon Camera SD memory card  - Main Window

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the SD memory card and click on “Next” to start the photo recovery process.

Recover Photos from Nikon Camera SD memory card  - Drive Selection Window

Fig B: Select SD Card Drive Screen

Step 3: Once you finish recovering photos from SD card of Nikon DSLR , preview recovered photos using “Preview” option.

Recover Photos from Nikon Camera SD memory card  - Preview

Fig C: Preview File Screen

Simple Tips:

  • Take a periodic backup of essential photos
  • Do not format the camera’s card in the computer and always format already used card before reusing it in different camera
  • Avoid removing the memory card from the camera without turning it off
  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to disconnect the memory card from your PC

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