Have you lost files from XD card?

Are you wondering how can you get XD card files back? Today XD card is one of the popular memory cards which were introduced by Fujifilm & Olympus. It is used in cameras, cell phones, camcorders, etc. It provides high rate of data transfer & use less power. While using a camera that holds XD card on it, you need to be careful while handling it. Because any mistake done by you may lead you to lose files from it which may contain important files or precious pictures in it. If you want know an effective procedure to retrieve photos from CF card, then read this article.

Though XD card is one of the reliable storage devices but disaster can appear anytime. Sometimes you may face XD card error when you connect the card in your PC. The reason behind this error is file system corruption. Operating System on your machine asks you to format the card and you may press “OK” option.  This results in complete removal of files from XD card. If you keep on clicking pictures even after showing error message then it is even worse as it overwrites the old data present in the card & hence loss of files forever. Now you must be thinking how to recover XD card data. The only solution to this problem is usage of Digital camera card recovery tool which is a professional utility to get back missing files from XD card. But before that you should stop using XD card at once, when you realize that data in XD card are lost. Otherwise if overwritten then it will be impossible to recover files. If you act immediately, you can successfully recover complete data from the memory card. If you want to recover deleted images from mobile memory card then you can visit - http://www.digitalcameracardrecovery.com/mobile.html to get complete info on the restoration process.

Reasons leading to loss of files from XD card are:

  • When XD card is connected to PC, if you delete some files by mistake then it bypasses the recycle bin causing removal of files from the system completely. But it is recoverable & you can bring back lost files by using reliable recovery tool.

  • When you connect your XD card to computer and transfer your image file from card to the system, sometimes the process may get interrupted in the middle. Interruption like pressing off button on the camera accidentally while clicking pictures can lead to loss of pictures which were not being transferred yet.

  • XD card can hold image files up to certain size as different brands of card has been assigned different size limit.  So when XD card memory is full it prompts the user that image file cannot be saved. But sometimes users may ignore such messages and continue clicking pictures. Photos that are clicked in such circumstances erases automatically from your digital camera.

  • If you go on clicking images one after another without giving time to process the pictures properly then also your card may get corrupted.

The Digital camera recovery tool can be used to get back deleted or lost image files. It has a special in built algorithm that can be used to find missing files from all brands of XD card such as Lexar, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, etc. It can also restore deleted images from Canon DSLR SDHC & also supports other brands of CF, SD, micro SD, mini SD, MMC & memory cards, etc. You can also get back image file of different file formats that go missing such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, etc. To know how you can recover pictures from digital camera & other various storage devices click here>>

Steps to find missing files from XD card:

Step 1: Install Digital recovery tool & then launch it. Select "Recover Photos" option from the home screen. After that, select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option from the next screen.

How to Recover XD Card Data - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the XD card and click on "Next" option to begin the recovery program.

How to Recover XD Card Data - Select XD Card

Fig 2: Select XD Card Drive Screen

Step 3: Once the recovery process is completed you can preview restored pictures using "Preview" option.

How to Recover XD Card Data - Preview

Fig 3: Preview Screen

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