Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac

When you have a digital camera, you are sure to have a huge collection of digital photos. All digital cameras photos are stored in the memory card. These cards are used for storing and transferring files, such as photos and videos in a wide variety of electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones. This way of storing your photos is easy and makes them readily accessible.

Why to delete photos from memory card on Mac?

Over time, you may wish to delete photos that are inappropriate, or maybe you simply don't need them anymore. When you want to ensure secure deletion of photos to prevent others on getting your private photos from your memory card, then you may have to permanently erase them by making them completely unreadable.

When you want to get rid of the card after using it for long time, you may simply delete entire files on that SD card and give it to a close friend of yours. However, you must be aware of the fact that deleted photos can be restored back. The only way to completely remove the data is to overwrite the contents of the memory card. Generally, users want to permanently erase memory card photos only in case if they are selling it.

If you are selling your digital camera's or mobile phone's memory card, then you should erase all your pictures from it by connecting it to your Mac computer i.e., before handing memory card over to other person. However simply deleting the photos of memory card from Mac Computer by using some deletion options does not work as, there are many effective third party recovery tools that can easily recover all your images from Memory cards. In order to permanently and securely erase all your memory card photos on Mac Computer, make use of this effective Remo MORE tool. The tool provides a real quick and simple solution to delete photos from memory card on a Mac computer permanently using 9 shredding patterns.

Amazing Features of Remo MORE Software:

The Remo MORE tool comes with a wonderful graphical user interface and can do just about anything when it comes to secure file wiping. The tool helps you to securely and easily erase photos from your memory card using Mac. The tool provides two file deleting options like normal file deletion (faster) and the secure file deletion (slower). In order to make deleted photos unrecoverable, it will overwrite that space with Zeros or some random characters. It supports to erase photos securely from almost all types of storage devices including hard drive, memory cards, pen drive, external hard drive, USB drives, etc. It works on all versions of Mac. It allows you to completely remove photos from memory card on Mac by overwriting it several times with data shredding patterns and using various international disk sanitization standards. It offers maximum number of methods for data wiping.

Steps to Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac

Step 1: Select Data Wipe from Manage Screen

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac - Manage Screen

Fig 1 : Manage Screen

Step 2: Select File Eraser from Data Wipe Screen

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac- Data wipe Screen

Fig 2 : Data wipe Screen

Step 3: Select Erase Files/Folders from File Eraser Screen

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac - File Eraser screen

Fig 3 : File Eraser screen

Step 4: Add Files/Folders to delete

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac - Add Files/Folders Screen

Fig 4 : Add Files/Folders Screen

Step 5: Shredding in progress

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac - Shredding Files /Folders Screen

Fig 5 : Shredding Files /Folders Screen

Step 6: Select Folders/Files to delete

Delete Photos from Memory Card Mac - Select Folders/Files

Fig 6 : Select Folders/Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users